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IMVU credits adder 2013

Posted on 6:12 AM by Derrick Bennett | 21 comments

Hello, I present to you a new IMVU credits adder 2013.

What's new?
- easy to use
- undetectable
- 100% clean file
- do not need to enter a password

I invite you to test, new imvu credit generator. I recommend adding credits once a day, no matter how much.

Video Proof

How to  
1. Download IMVU credits adder 2013 from button below.
2. Unrar generator and turn it.
3. Put Your email, choose credits amount, log intro account.
4. Now just click "Add" and wait, generator working. 
5. Refresh website, check Your credits.
6. Enjoy to free credits!

 IMVU credits adder 2013
download from button below 


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IMVU Credit Generator v7.1

Posted on 4:37 PM by Derrick Bennett | 24 comments

About imvu
Founded in 2004, IMVU, Inc. is a social entertainment company connecting users through 3D avatar-based experiences. A leader in developing online communities, IMVU has more than 100 million registered user accounts worldwide and features the largest user-generated virtual goods catalog of more than 10 million items. Located in Mountain View, CA, IMVU is backed by venture investors Menlo Ventures, Allegis Capital, Bridgescale Partners and Best Buy Capital.

Hello i working hard to create credit generator for imvu, today my generator complete and working! If u don't believe me, just show proof video below.
Credit generator uses a bug in the imvu page, so we gets credits for free!

Video Proof

How to
1. Download  IMVU Credit Generator v7.1 from button below (important! available only 100 copy for
2. Start IMVU Credit Generator v7.1
3. Put Your username and how much u have add credit.
4. Just click Add and wait.
5. Enjoy your free credits! :)

Download IMVU Credit Generator v7.1 from button below


SCAN 100% Clean!

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